ASDE Therapeutic Education Support Site

The ASDE High School Therapeutic Education Support Site is located at Edith Cavell School, 125 Park Street, Moncton New Brunswick. The High School Therapeutic Education Support Site opened in the fall of 2017.

Students age 15 to 21 attend. Therapeutic class sizes are small by design with a core staff of 6 classroom teachers, one resource teacher, one school intervention worker and one admin assistant. The role of guidance and administration is a blended position. Guidance/Admin and resource are CORE leadership positions and liaison with ASDE, ASDE High Schools, referred students/parents and numerous community partners.

Academic programing at the TESS site is project based and has been developed based upon student strengths. The strength-based model was developed in partnership with Dr. Bill Morrison, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton New Brunswick. All students attending TESS require a personalized learning plan that is based upon their present and future educational needs. Many of the students have large learning gaps and documented learning challenges. The educational staff/program currently serve a student population of 130 students/parents. We anticipate an increase in student referrals as the program grows.

The role of TESS has been aligned but not limited to the following EECD document guidelines and Standards:

► New Brunswick EECD Anglophone Sector: Everyone at their best 2016

► New Brunswick Anglophone Sector: Educational Planning for Students with Diverse Learning Needs

► New Brunswick Early Education and Childhood Development: Policy 322

► New Brunswick Integrated services Delivery Model 2018

In addition to the outlined technical skills, all staff at the High School Therapeutic Educational Support program, need to be adaptive, flexible, demonstrate patience and progressive thinking to motivate and engage reluctant and at-risk learners. Of importance, they require a willingness to respond to student behaviour within a restorative lens.